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CCBCD recognizes that there are many believers who desire to grow in their relationship with the LORD through solid Biblical education, but who might find it difficult to accomplish the homework requirements for the degree programs, or who may not need a degree. It is therefore in line with this need that our non-credit program was created, for the purpose of students' personal enrichment in the area of Biblical education. Students who are enrolled under this non-credit program are referred to as "AUDIT" students.

Audit students are not required to complete homework but are able to sit and learn from the school's diverse range of teachers and pastors. These students are also welcome to attempt assignments to enhance their learning, but no overall grade will be given to them. Audit students have the freedom to register for any and all available courses (On-Campus, Online, and Thrive), at the pace that works best for them.


All courses offered by CCBCD are open for Audit students.

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