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School of Worship

New Semestral Schedule

1st Semester / FALL Semester Classes: 14 Credits

(August 17, 2020 - December 18, 2020)

Core Classes:

TH416 Bible Study Methods                                            (3 Credits)

IS321 Geography and History of Biblical Lands             (2 Credits)

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry                                  (1 Credit)

CL349 Spiritual Formation                                                (2 Credits)

Music Track

MT101 Music Theory 1                                                      (3 Credits)

SW101 Songwriting 1                                                        (2 Credits)

WO313 Sound & Recording 1                                          (1 Credit)


Seminar /Outreach:

Biblical Theology


2nd Semester / SPRING Semester Classes: 17 Credits

(January 11, 2021 - May 14, 2021)

Core Classes:

OT372 I & II Samuel / Life of David                                 (2 Credits)

OT328 Psalms                                                                    (2 Credits)

CM199 Practical Christian Ministry                                  (1 Credit)

WO327 Worship Leadership                                            (2 Credits)


Music Track

MT102 Music Theory 2                                                      (3 Credits)

WO337 Musicianship                                                        (2 Credits)

SW102 Songwriting 2                                                        (2 Credits)

WO313 Sound & Recording 2                                          (1 Credit)

WO331 Worship Band                                                      (2 Credits)


Kairos World Mission 

Mission Outreach        

CCBC Dumaguete Mission


Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete exists to train and develop men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities into Christlike disciples and servant-leaders who know God through His Word and are equipped by His Spirit to serve Him in every area of life, for the glory of God.


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