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     In 1 Timothy 4:8, Paul tells us that “… godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come.” We here at Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete believe this whole-heartedly, and we seek to be a conduit through which the Lord can grow students in their Christian walk and their ability to minister to others. If that is also your desire, we would encourage you to prayerfully consider applying to join us here Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete, as we pursue the Lord and His ways together.


     In Pursuing the Lord together with us, we seek to be as flexible as possible to the needs in the lives of our students. In order to accomplish that, we offer various different Paths in learning with us, as well as two different Styles of learning, and all of that at a Pace that works for you.


Path: (On-Campus / Online / Thrive)

     Here at CCBC Dumaguete we have three paths that you can take to learn and grow in your relationship with the Lord alongside us. Firstly, students can learn On-Campus by attending in-person courses. This is for both Filipino and international students, and both for those who would like to stay On-Campus or stay out of campus. Secondly, students can learn Online through our Google Classroom courses. Lastly, prospective student groups who do not have good internet access, and who live in Negros or southern Cebu, may apply to have us bring our campus to them through our Saturday Thrive program. Only roughly half of our courses are available through the Thrive program, but all students who take courses as credit students may continue with on-campus or online courses to finish out the full associate degree program. No matter which Path you take, you can be assured of the same quality of education and Christian growth.


Style: (Credit / Audit)

     Those who wish to learn at CCBCD may chose to do so as a credit student, pursuing one of our associate degrees, or a student may wish to merely sit in lectures and learn from the God-given wisdom of our teachers. We always recommend that students who are called to ministry (whether full-time or part-time ministry) take our courses as credit students to maximize their learning, but we allow both options to give flexibility so that all who are hungry for the word of God may join with us here.


Pace: (Full-Time / Part-Time)

    Prospective students may also decide the pace at which they study here at CCBCD. While we recommend for credit students to learn at a Full-Time pace (about 15 credits, or 5-6 courses, per semester) and finish in two years, yet we recognize that not all students can learn at such a pace, especially if they are a working student. To help out those types of students, we allow our students to take as many or as few courses a semester as they would like, though we highly recommend that Credit students take no more than four years to finish the full associates program.


     Whichever Path, Style, and Pace you decide, we would be excited to welcome you to Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete!

In Him,

Pastor Michael Farrar, M.A.


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