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    Thank you for your interest in Calvary Chapel Bible College Dumaguete in the Philippines (CCBCD). I recall my experiences in 1989 when I first visited CCBCD. I was impressed by the love of the staff and the friendliness of the students. It seemed that though they barely knew me, everybody genuinely cared about me. I thought to myself that I had to be mistaken. Years later, I look back and realize that not only was it very real, but I still have relationships with many of the same people.

    CCBCD gives its students a foundation in biblical and theological training that effectively equips them, not only for spreading the gospel in the 10/40 window, but for the variety of ministries God calls them to accomplish. Many of CCBCD’s alumni have become pastors, missionaries, and leaders in their communities, and all were adequately prepared for their calling. We are located at the gateway to the least reached part of the world. Students are not only trained theologically but they are immersed into Asian culture. They are also taught to raise crops and livestock in Asian countries, equipping them to go into the poorest of villages with tools to help feed people physically while they feed them spiritually.

    As President of CCBCD, I’m committed to continuing the legacy of excellence in training servant leaders for Jesus Christ for the next generation. CCBCD is far more than courses of study, programs, buildings, books, and computers. The heart of ministry is people. It is the interaction with pastors, professors and fellow students in class, in the dormitories, in chapel, and in prayer and fellowship that can help shape you to become the servant leader the Lord wants you to be. I hope, if you haven’t already done so, you’ll plan to visit our campus as soon as possible. I think a visit to our College will help you understand why I have been involved with CCBCD for so many years and why I still believe it’s the ideal place to prepare to invest your life to serve Jesus Christ, in whatever career God leads you to pursue.


Pastor Jimmy Morales


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